This ministry based in California developed much of the foundational principles for the Canadian ministry, Dynamic Churches. Their web site is Their resource department is Multiplication Ministries.

Seminar on Dynamics of a Growing Church
Timeless insights from a seminary prof and a church consultant
out of print /vintage videos

Understanding the Purpose of the Church by Dr. Howard Hendricks

What Makes a Growing Church?  by Rev. Al Broom

Creating a Climate for Growth  by Rev. Al Broom

Essentials of Leadership for Growth  by Dr. Howard Hendricks



1. Understanding the Purpose of the Church – Dr. Howard Hendricks
Notes:  CDI1, CDI1b

2. What Makes a Growing Church – Al Broom
Notes: CDI2CDI2b CDI2c

3. Creating a Climate for Growth – Al Broom
Notes: CDI3

4. Essentials of Leadership Growth – Dr. Howard Hendricks
Notes: CDI4

Leaders Guide: CDIL1, CDIL2_3, CDIL4

(1987 / out of print)