Downloadable e-books with a Galatians 2:20 Perspective

A Larger Christian Life, By A.B. Simpson
Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance  ABS_larger-christian-life

Designed to Express His Life, By Orville Swindoll
Adapted from four messages given by this veteran missionary and older brother of Chuck Swindoll  O_Swindoll_bk

Disciplined by Grace, By J. F. Strombeck
A devotional study of on how grace can sanctify the believer  disciplined_by_grace

For Me to Live is Christ, By Charles Solomon
An eight lesson inductive Bible study. A revised and expanded edition was published in 2009 (GFI) with a DVD introducing each lesson. See online course  ForMeToLiveIsChrist

In Christ Jesus, By A. T. Pierson
A profound study on the believer’s oneness with Christ as expressed in the epistles of the New Testament  AP_In_Christ_Jesus

The Normal Christian Life, By Watchman Nee
The abundant life is normal but not average.  Normal_C_L._Nee

The Release of the Spirit, By Watchman Nee
This study relates the concept of brokenness to experiencing the abundant life

The Saving Life of Christ, By Ian Thomas
A devotional classic by the founder of Capernwray Missionary Fellowship (synopsis)  SavingLife_overview

Thou an Host Should Encamp, By Frances Manuel
A book by a missionary on her experiences in spiritual warfare  Thoughanhostshouldencamp

Understanding the Deeper Life, By Elmer Towns
One of the many books by this educator from Liberty University. His undergraduate degree is from Columbia International University (known for its Victorious Life heritage).  UnderstandingDeeperLife

What is Man? By T. Austin-Sparks
A profound book on the makeup of man and implications for spiritual victory  What_is_Man

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