Daily Devotionals

Daily_devoIn addition to the leader’s devotional reading of God’s Word, it is helpful to walk through the year with a grace-oriented daily devotional. Here are some that we recommend.


Day by Day by Grace, by Bob Hoekstra – BlueLetterBible.org

Daily in Christ, by Neil Anderson – Crosswalk.org


Living the Christ Life, edited by Rebecca English – CLC Publications

My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers –¬†Utmost.org

Days of Heaven on Earth, by A.B. Simpson – CMalliance.org


The Supplied Life, by Bill Freeman – The Supplied_Life pdf

None but the Hungry Heart, by Miles Stanford – The Hungry Heart pdf

Open Windows, by T. Austin-Sparks – Open Windows

Kindle Ebook:

His Victorious Indwelling, edited by Nick Harrison – Amazon.com (or in print)

Face to Face: A Daily Reflection of Your Life in Christ, by Jim Cox – Amazon.com

40 Day Devotionals:

ChristLife, by Ruth Myers – Amazon.com / Kindle ebook

Altar’d, by Jennifer Kennedy Dean – Praying Life Foundation

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