Finishing Well

In Daniel Henderson’s blog, he tells of a meeting he had with Peter Lord in Florida:

“As we enjoyed these rich moments of fellowship he began to muse about all of his colleagues over the years who have not finished well.  Some he spoke of by name, expressing the heartache of watching very good and gifted men self-destruct through moral failure.  We also discussed some recent high-profile instances that have brought new devastation to the hearts and spiritual homes of the faithful…”

Later in the article Henderson mentions some “warning signs” that contribute to spiritual and moral failure:

Devotions without devotion – Over the centuries we have created “forms” that we often use to describe our spiritual progress. …
Serving in place of seeking – I’ve often said that “if the Devil can’t make you bad, he’ll just keep you busy.” …
Duty without delight – Biblical standards, tradition, the needs of others, and the expectations of powerful voices in our lives can keep us on task with our duties of religious service.  However, the true life-giving sustenance for a fruitful life is the delight of abiding in Christ, drawing our satisfaction and supply from a loving experience of His life in us.  Trudging ahead with religious duty that does not spring from daily delight in Christ will lead us to empty pretense and grave spiritual vulnerability…” Read full post here.

This concern about helping leaders finish well is a core value of the “Fermata” spiritual clinics in Brazil. In these three day events for pastoral couples, the message and materials about identification are shared. Many testify of personal renewal and a new ministry potential through recognizing and appropriating Christ as Life.

See the testimony of Luis Palau as an example of the vital importance of a Galatians 2:20 breakthrough. This was Paul’s testimony…which also contributed to him finishing well (2 Tim. 4).

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