Discipleship Groups Multiplying

from GFI associates, Hans and Elly Timmermans:

We had a fundraiser at our house last night. About 20 attended. Inflation is eating away in Malawi, Africa. When I first went there the US $ would buy KW160.00. Now it is US $ 1.00 = KW 475.00.

God is doing amazing things in Malawi. The Dynamic Churches model Life Groups are reproducing! The Grace Life teaching is part of every discipling situation and makes a lot of difference in the lives of the Malawians. Pastors begin to see a different side to their teaching. Also we teach the motivational gifts from Romans 12 and that sets people free to serve and makes pastors see their true role in the church. They now set people free to serve, not just attend. This all together makes an enormous difference in the effectiveness of the discipling process…

For more on their ministry, visit http://northernmalawinews.wordpress.com/

A video testimony is here: https://vimeo.com/89324634

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