Growth or Impact?

reposted from Strategic renewal

by Troy Keaton

Aug 05, 2016

I’ll never forget my first Monday as a pastor. It was July 1994 and we had moved the previous Wednesday, arriving just in time for the Wednesday evening service. My wife, two small daughters, and I had experienced the excitement of our first Sunday along with 19 other people (most of whom I soon learned weren’t regular attenders). On Monday I walked into the dark and quiet church office. Although there were 400,000 people in this city, it dawned on me that 99.999% of them did not come to this church. This church was a few funerals and a fuss away from being extinct. I had been trained with a ministerial degree, raised in a ministry home, and surrounded by the work of the ministry my entire life. I knew what this church needed. This church needed growth. I knew what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to grow this church! Continue reading…

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