Life in Christ: A Testimony

Life in Christ: A Testimony
By Dr. John Best

Featured in:

Groundwork for Brokenness

I had been experiencing a lot of pressure and frustration in my life a number of years ago. I was angry because I thought my goals in my work were being blocked by other people. My schedule was getting busier and I was becoming increasingly tired. Although I was in Christian work as a seminary professor, I was “running out of gas” in my life.

I went to my wife with my problems but she was in so much physical pain from a back injury that she told me, “John, I’d like to give you some comfort and understanding, but I am in too much pain. I just cannot take any more of your pouring out your tales of woe.” This left me feeling stranded because I had become emotionally overly-dependent upon my wife.

Through this pressure and frustration God was removing the “crutches” upon which I had been leaning. He was using the problems that I was experiencing to give me a desire for a closer walk with God.

Continue reading the full testimony here: Life_in_Christ__Testimony_J_Best

Dr. John Best is Director or Research/Exposition at Exchanged Life Ministries Texas (Prior to founding this ministry he taught New Testament Greek at Dallas Theological Seminary.)  He is the author of nine books, including The Cross of Christ: The Center of Scripture, Your Life and Ministry. Dr. Best’s testimony is also featured in the inspirational book, From Pastors to Pastors. It can be ordered online or by calling Grace Fellowship International (865-429-0450). [April 2017 – By one, get one free!]

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