Life in Christ: A Testimony

Life in Christ: A Testimony
By Dr. John Best

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Groundwork for Brokenness

I had been experiencing a lot of pressure and frustration in my life a number of years ago. I was angry because I thought my goals in my work were being blocked by other people. My schedule was getting busier and I was becoming increasingly tired. Although I was in Christian work as a seminary professor, I was “running out of gas” in my life.

I went to my wife with my problems but she was in so much physical pain from a back injury that she told me, “John, I’d like to give you some comfort and understanding, but I am in too much pain. I just cannot take any more of your pouring out your tales of woe.” This left me feeling stranded because I had become emotionally overly-dependent upon my wife.

Through this pressure and frustration God was removing the “crutches” upon which I had been leaning. He was using the problems that I was experiencing to give me a desire for a closer walk with God.

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Dr. John Best is Director or Research/Exposition at Exchanged Life Ministries Texas (Prior to founding this ministry he taught New Testament Greek at Dallas Theological Seminary.)  He is the author of nine books, including The Cross of Christ: The Center of Scripture, Your Life and Ministry. Dr. Best’s testimony is also featured in the inspirational book, From Pastors to Pastors. It can be ordered online or by calling Grace Fellowship International (865-429-0450). [April 2017 – By one, get one free!]

Soul Care Conference

Soul Care retreat

Soul Care retreat

The fall Soul Care retreat for pastors was held last month at America’s Keswick in Whiting, New Jersey. John Woodward spoke on “Vital Dimensions of the Cross.” (See a PDF summary here). The next Pastor’s Conference there is scheduled for Feb. 2-5, 2015.

Here’s a testimony from one of the men who attended:

Dear Brother John,
Thank you so very much for your ministry at our recent Soul Care Conference. I sincerely believe it was the best we’ve had. The LORD ministered to my heart. I’m working through Dr. Solomon’s book Handbook to Happiness and am profiting greatly from it. The one point that helped me most was when you told us that God changes our past. Mine was an alcoholic home with a lot of fighting. My entire family was split up when I was ten. To discover my new identity in Christ is my only answer… My life is truly changed and I will be forever grateful. My wife keeps reminding that I’ve changed. When I ask how? She responds with “you aren’t protective of yourself any more.” That, in itself, is a huge help to my life. So, thank you for your kind help at Keswick.
-pastor from Connecticut


Pioneer’s testimony

In this recently recorded 15 minute video, Dr. Chuck Solomon shares how he came to know Christ as Savior, Lord, and Life. After his spiritual breakthrough in 1965, Chuck deepened his roots in the Abiding Life, and was then called to pioneer the Exchanged Life Counseling model, which he named Spirituotherapy. This testimony was produced as an introduction to the DVD album for our For Me to Live is Christ workbook (8 half hour lessons taught by John Woodward / available August 1st!)

CRS_FMTLICClick here for video


Church Renewal in South Africa

We just had a wonderful morning of quick fellowship with one of our trainees of many years ago. I think I have told you about him in the past. Drs, J. E. and his wife_____.

______’s [Her] life was changed dramatically by the Exchanged Life when we trained her and her team who are ministering to the homeless. After J______ saw the dramatic change in his wife, he wanted to know more. He invited us to train him and a cell group. During the training J______ had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and the old J_____ “died” (Luke 9:23).

Then he invited us to do the training with his elders. Now his whole church is based on the Exchanged Life (Gal. 2:20).  He says that his whole ministry has changed and he now has a vision. The Exchanged Life is not just another course which can be ticked off as done.

He can now measure spiritual growth. He now knows what discipleship is. He now knows where other ministries fit in–after the Cross (Rom. 6:6-14) is applied. He has trained people in his church to carry the message of the Cross. His church is an example of how the Cross is the cornerstone and the message of a church. And his church is growing. It is not that he is interested in numbers, he wants people to know the Cross and as he says: “the Cross applied.”

He also started an English church, _____________ for the thousands of foreigners living in the Bellville area. This church is also growing…

Thank you again for sending [training materials] to us. It is of great value to all our trainees. When we go to Fish Hoek we will give it to Gordon to copy as well and also to our brother George.

Before we leave Cape Town we will invite all our co-workers from Cape Town and Surroundings and we will have a time of fellowship and thanking God. We will ask all the participants to give a short testimony of how God is using them. The aim is also to strengthen the network of all the ones who “died in Christ”. Wish you could all be here, We will let you know when it happens and we will make a video for you to see all your “offspring”.

We also had such good news from a young man Hendrik ministered to in Pretoria. He was in a big black hole and Hendrik kept on encouraging him and bringing him the Cross. Last night we heard that he has a steady job now and is a changed person. He wrote a poem to the Lord with Whom he is now totally in love with. As Amanda taught us: I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. When we move to Pretoria we will be close to him and be able to disciple him.

We praise God to be part of this glorious ministry. Many blessings and favour to you all.
Hendrik and Nehlsie