Grace for Ministry

“But to each one of us grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift” (Ephesians. 4:7).

British pastor and author, T. Austin-Sparks, emphasized the vital role of God’s grace in salvation, Christian living, and ministry. The references to God’s grace in the Epistle to the Ephesians reminds us as spiritual leaders…

“…It does not matter how far we may advance, into whatever altitudes of spiritual life we may ascend, whatever may be the honour conferred upon us and the service to which we are called, we never for one moment in the slightest degree get beyond the range of grace or beyond the limit where all is of grace…

“There is no more merit in service than there is in salvation, no more merit in spiritual knowledge than in our justification: it is all of grace. I want to emphasise that God must have that ground before He can do things. We have such a way of returning to the Lord and after all seeking to in some way suggest a claim upon Him, a right, a merit, a worthiness, presenting Him ground upon which we feel the Lord ought to do this and ought to do that, and the Lord demands that we shall come for every phase and aspect of our spiritual life and relationship to Him to the place where: “Lord, if You do it, it will be all of grace“; “If the work is done, it will be all of grace.” The Lord demands that ground. You find it through the Old and the New Testaments, the ground upon which the Lord works is, whether we wholly and fully recognise that, whatever the Lord does it will be all His grace, and while in Christ we have privileges and the Lord will sometimes call upon us to lodge a claim to the fulfilment of His promises – after all, on His side it is all of grace. So let us let go to His grace and give Him the ground that He needs for doing His continual enlarging things, and never ourselves become anything as believers or as workers, or as having any knowledge, but holding all things as of the grace of God.” [1] is a treasure chest of biblical, spiritual, and ministerial insights. Thanks to a devoted couple in New Zealand:

“Austin-Sparks.Net makes the works of T. Austin-Sparks available in a range of forms. This includes over 350 audio messages in MP3 format, copies of the original A Witness and A Testimony magazines in Searchable PDF format, and republished articles and books. Virtually all of the original messages by T. Austin-Sparks that were published [in] pamphlets and books under the Witness and Testimony Trust are now available in various formats on this website. PDFs are provided for easy printing of articles and books for personal use. E-books in ePub and Mobi formats are available for reading on portable readers from the website as well as from Apple, Kobo and Amazon.”


[1] An excerpt from “Grace” article at Austin-Sparks.Net