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Verse of the Day — Deuteronomy 33:26-27

There is none like the God of Jeshurun (Israel), Who rides the heavens to your help, and through the skies in His majesty. The eternal God is a dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.


To be “in Christ” is to be in the safest, most secure place in the universe.


It is an amazing thing to consider that the God of the universe, the God of all creation, cares about us so deeply and so intimately that He will traverse the heavens “to our help.”

This God is our dwelling place, which is also translated “refuge.” As the world around us alters and changes at a staggering speed, those of us who trust in Him can live in a place that is eternally safe and secure. And we are not only kept safe, we are held in His “everlasting arms.”

God wanted Israel to understand, and us as well, that His full power and majesty are directed toward the care and protection of His children.

There is none like Him.

-April 30, 2015

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Spring Update for Pastors

Dear Grace Fellowship Friends,

This month we have started an initiative to more effectively communicate with the pastors on our mailing list. In 2010 we published, From Pastors to Pastors: Testimonies of Revitalized Ministries. The life stories in this book, which reflect the Holy Spirit’s moving, have been a major source of inspiration. We rejoice to see God continuing to work in the lives of pastors who have developed a relationship with our team. This month’s email will offer a recent glimpse into this. We invite you to check out the links below…

In His Life,

Rob Clogg,
Grace Fellowship International

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3 New Stories

So, what has God been doing recently? You are also encouraged to check out the ministry of three pastors who have seen the ministry of GFI impact their lives and ministry. You are encouraged to go to the links below and listen to recent messages.

  • Heritage Church in Texarkana, Texas
    Pastor Tim Montgomery completed a series before Easter titled; “Rejection” and has begun a series titled: “Now What?”
  • Christ Community Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
    Pastor Troy Weiland completed a series titled, “What We Believe.”
  • Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee
    Pastor Mark McKeehan has just started a series titled, “Come Alive.”

Counseling–A Favorite Pastoral Ministry

In a recent blog article, pastor Jack Wellman identified five aspects of pastoral ministry that he especially appreciates. His list included: Mentoring, Soul Winning, Preaching the Gospel, Loving the Flock, and Mentoring. The fifth privilege/responsibility he picked is of special interest to us–counseling

Jack confides,

“This might be something you wouldn’t expect but when people come to me, they know that they can confide in me and I won’t share their struggles with anyone. I keep all of my counseling sessions in strict confidence. When people tell me that they’re struggling with pornography, drugs, sexual addictions, same-sex attraction, alcohol, marital problems or whatever else it is, the most frustrating part is that sometimes I can’t help them but I do know Who can and it’s not a human. I heard one pastor say that living the Christian life is not hard…it’s impossible so we need God’s supernatural strength to help all of us to overcome in different areas of life but during the times that I can actually help someone to transform their life through prayer, the Word of God, intervention, accountability applications or whatever it is, there is tremendous joy in this. I also tell those that I counsel that I am not their solution, God is and what I can’t do, He can but to have people come to me with problems that they have only shared with God and no one else makes me feel that they trust me thoroughly and know that I won’t gossip to anyone about their weaknesses because I too have my own personal struggles.”

What if every evangelical pastor were equipped and empowered with a simplified, clarified, illustrated model of biblical counseling that was potentially life-transforming. We believe that the fuller message of the cross can be applied to the heart of the matter–whatever it is–which is usually a matter of the heart.

As we personally appropriate Christ as Lord and Life, we minister from the overflow of our union with Him. Let’s “make the most of every opportunity” (Eph. 5:16) to offer not only care but cure .


from “Why I Love Being a Pastor: 5 Favorite Things”
by Pastor Jack Wellman

“Renewed Daily Through the Resurrected Christ”

Now that Easter is over it is important that we keep our thoughtsstayed on the daily reality of the resurrected Christ. The best-selling author and preacher of the 20th century, A.W. Tozer, said that the most important thing about a person is what comes to mind when they think about God. This is true every moment of every day, compelling us to renew our minds according to the truth.

Because the hardest thing about the Christian life is that it is so “daily”, we must embrace a biblical, fresh, and intimate experience of the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Keeping our mind stayed on Him empowers us with peace, power, and endurance for the race set before us.
For many years, I’ve enjoyed daily mental and spiritual renewal in the biblical answers to the core questions of life, starting with the question, “Who is God?” A particular exercise of focusing on the name and character of the Lord Jesus Christ has been a “game-changer” for me. I wrote an acrostic that has focused my thoughts on a daily basis. Below, you will enjoy this exercise that has come to mean so much to me.
Take time today, and in the days to come, to meditate on the names of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let them renew your mind, encourage your heart, and empower your trust and obedience as you follow Him.
My Lord Jesus Christ
My Jesus is the . . .
Light of the World, so I will invite His warmth and radiance into all the dark and cold places of my life that He might expose and cleanse my sin and selfishness.
Only Wise God, so I can boldly ask and receive from Him all necessary insight, guidance, and direction for my life today.
Rock of my Salvation, so I will rest secure and safe, knowing that He has already done everything to save me and to keep me in His love forever.
Desire of all Nations, so I will passionately proclaim His truth and beauty in every place, expressing to others the delight I have found in Him.
Justifier, so I do not have to work today to be accepted by God, but can simply live in the grace that has made me pure and lovely in His sight.
Emmanuel, so I will enjoy and practice His wonderful presence in my life today, knowing that He is with me always.
Strength of My Soul, so I come to Him in humility, delighting in my weaknesses, that His power may be demonstrated through me in every situation I encounter.
Unchanging Friend, so I will enjoy His faithful companionship and rest securely in His always-reliable love and commitment to me.
Savior, so I will kneel before His cross in grateful worship and will live by faith in the One who loved me and gave Himself for me.
Cornerstone, so I will confidently base my well-being on the truth of who He is and allow Him to build my life by His strength and stability.
Healer of my Soul, so I will come to Him with all my hurts, disappointments, and fears to receive His supernatural touch of wholeness, encouragement, and peace.
Resurrection and the Life, so I will let Him live through me today in the triumph He has already achieved over all sin and death.
Image of the Invisible God, so I will draw near and gaze upon Him in intimacy today that He might reveal the fullness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to my heart.
Shield of my Salvation, so I will trust Him today to protect my faith and to preserve my life in Him by His promise and power.
Truth, so I will come to Him with all my doubts and questions, receiving counsel from His reliable word and consolation from His Spirit in order to live with confidence in this world.