Pastoral Couples Retreat

Grace Fellowship’s experience with Fermatas in Brazil and fellowship with S.H.O.R. Ministries  in the U.S. — and our goal to minister to pastors — led to Grace Fellowship’s first Pastoral Couples Retreat August 22-24. It was facilitated by our board member, Dr. Dan Riley (and his wife, Kathy). The couples had three days and two nights in Pigeon Forge, TN for rest, fellowship, and confidential share & prayer. The first night Dr. Charles Solomon greeted them and Dan gave his Exchanged Life testimony. The second night, after supper together, Dr. John Woodward gave a PowerPoint summary teaching on the centrality of the cross for victory and ministry.

Dan writes, “I really believe we’re on the front of something that’s different from anything I see being done for pastors and wives. I hope this can be the beginning of an expanded ministry to leaders who I think will not only embrace the abundant life, but learn how to effectively share that in the places of influence they occupy. We learned from this launch and will be able to have an even better experience next time.”

A ministry that offers a discounted weekly cabin for pastoral couples is Harvest Ministries. We pray this retreat model will develop into a pattern of fruitful ministry in the years to come!

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