Walking With the Wise

Walking with the Wise
This is a giant pdf ebook with thousands of quotes, notes & anecdotes, mostly from Christians, and spanning more than 20 centuries. There are 750 subjects or topics in alphabetical order, from ‘ABIDING IN CHRIST’ to ‘ZION’: a true gold mine of wisdom that will enrich your life, your understanding and your walk! Around 600 authors are quoted; of most of them, their years of birth and death are given: Walking with the Wise
from: ntmu.net/pdf/Walking%20with%20the%20Wise.pdf

A companion pdf, called Walking 2 helps you navigate the first one. It simply has all 750 subjects listed, without any quotes, but with most of their authors. It makes it easier to quickly select the subjects you are especially interested in, plus see what authors are involved: WALKING 2
from: ntmu.net/pdf/WALKING2.pdf

With thanks to Jim van Heiningen and New Testament Ministries Unlimited.


“From every town, village, and little hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London… and so from every text in Scripture there is a road to the metropolis of the Scriptures, that is Christ. Your business is, when you get to a text, to say, ‘Now, what is the road to Christ?’ and then preach a sermon, running along the road towards the great metropolis— Christ.”

“I believe on the Name of the Son of God. Therefore I am in Him, having Redemption through His Blood, and Life by His Spirit. And He is in me, and all fulness is in Him. To Him I belong, by purchase, conquest, and self-surrender. To me He belongs, for all my hourly need. There is no cloud between my Lord and me. There is no difficulty, inward or outward, which He is not ready to meet in me to-day. I believe I have received not the Spirit of fearfulness but of power and of love and of a sound mind.(2 Tim. 1:7). The Lord is my Keeper. Amen.”
– Handley CG Moule (1841-1920)

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