Revitalizing Pastors

Encouraging Christian Leaders through the Abiding Life

Strategic Renewal Conference

Free Conference on personal and ministry renewal

Tuesday, September 26th
7:30pm – Vance Pitman

Wednesday, September 26th
9:15am – Mark Vroegop
1:45pm – Robbie Symons
7:30pm – Jim Cymbala

Thursday, September 28th
10:45am – Daniel Henderson and Jeff Schwarzentraub

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Walking With the Wise

Walking with the Wise
This is a giant pdf ebook with thousands of quotes, notes & anecdotes, mostly from Christians, and spanning more than 20 centuries. There are 750 subjects or topics in alphabetical order, from ‘ABIDING IN CHRIST’ to ‘ZION’: a true gold mine of wisdom that will enrich your life, your understanding and your walk! Around 600 authors are quoted; of most of them, their years of birth and death are given: Walking with the Wise

A companion pdf, called Walking 2 helps you navigate the first one. It simply has all 750 subjects listed, without any quotes, but with most of their authors. It makes it easier to quickly select the subjects you are especially interested in, plus see what authors are involved: WALKING 2

With thanks to Jim van Heiningen and New Testament Ministries Unlimited.


“From every town, village, and little hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London… and so from every text in Scripture there is a road to the metropolis of the Scriptures, that is Christ. Your business is, when you get to a text, to say, ‘Now, what is the road to Christ?’ and then preach a sermon, running along the road towards the great metropolis— Christ.”

“I believe on the Name of the Son of God. Therefore I am in Him, having Redemption through His Blood, and Life by His Spirit. And He is in me, and all fulness is in Him. To Him I belong, by purchase, conquest, and self-surrender. To me He belongs, for all my hourly need. There is no cloud between my Lord and me. There is no difficulty, inward or outward, which He is not ready to meet in me to-day. I believe I have received not the Spirit of fearfulness but of power and of love and of a sound mind.(2 Tim. 1:7). The Lord is my Keeper. Amen.”
– Handley CG Moule (1841-1920)

Pastoral Couples Retreat

Grace Fellowship’s experience with Fermatas in Brazil and fellowship with S.H.O.R. Ministries  in the U.S. — and our goal to minister to pastors — led to Grace Fellowship’s first Pastoral Couples Retreat August 22-24. It was facilitated by our board member, Dr. Dan Riley (and his wife, Kathy). The couples had three days and two nights in Pigeon Forge, TN for rest, fellowship, and confidential share & prayer. The first night Dr. Charles Solomon greeted them and Dan gave his Exchanged Life testimony. The second night, after supper together, Dr. John Woodward gave a PowerPoint summary teaching on the centrality of the cross for victory and ministry.

Dan writes, “I really believe we’re on the front of something that’s different from anything I see being done for pastors and wives. I hope this can be the beginning of an expanded ministry to leaders who I think will not only embrace the abundant life, but learn how to effectively share that in the places of influence they occupy. We learned from this launch and will be able to have an even better experience next time.”

A ministry that offers a discounted weekly cabin for pastoral couples is Harvest Ministries. We pray this retreat model will develop into a pattern of fruitful ministry in the years to come!

D-Life Groups

“Living the D-Life means living a lifestyle of discipleship. Think about it. What if you could successfully equip everyone in your ministry to live a life of discipleship? What if those in your ministry embraced discipleship as a way of life instead of a program?

This is the purpose of D-Life. When you sign up for D-Life, you place at everyone’s fingertips the power to live a life of discipleship. The Bible and the D-Life Web App are the only tools needed to equip leaders to lead and to multiply D-Groups. D-Groups are discipleship groups of 3 to 8 people that can meet anytime and anywhere. Content on the D-Life Web App includes four years of annual Bible reading plans, weekly study guides for each D-Group, and excellent leadership resources for equipping leaders…”


Naturally Supernatural

Dr. Mark Virkler’s books emphasize the value and technique of listening prayer. His course on Living Naturally Supernatural is based on his personal journey from performance – based Christian life and ministry to a grace awakening of his identity in Christ. Here is part of his testimony…

The LIE: “I live” and I focus on attacking the darkness of sin

I began my Christian life trying to be holy by keeping God’s commands, and I discovered it was a dead-end street. First, I couldn’t keep the law (Rom. 7:14-25; Gal. 2:16, 3:21-24, 6:13), and when I failed to keep it, I felt condemnation. It’s like focusing on getting darkness out of a room by swatting at it. It just doesn’t work.

Since it is clear in Scripture that there is no condemnation to those who live in Christ(Rom. 8:1), I realized I was doing something wrong, because I had guilt and condemnation within me a lot of the time. I needed to step out of my “self-consciousness” and discover what it meant to “be in Christ” or to be Christ-conscious. The Bible said this was the key to overcoming condemnation.

I needed to stop picturing myself as a self-contained unit, and adopt the four pictures the New Testament provides for me (a vessel, a temple, a branch and a body – with Christ as the head). In each of these pictures, I am hollow, designed to be filled with and energized by another. I am not a self-contained unit. So it’s time to change my picturing. When I picture reality the way God has designed it, life works. Picturing error messes life up! A picture is worth a thousand words. They are extremely powerful in moving my life forward in Christ or backward into self, sin, and ultimate demonization.

The TRUTH: “Christ lives through me” and I radiate His light

Paul says he is dead and no longer alive. Instead, Christ is living His life out through him (Gal. 2:20). This is a new reality which I need to picture if I want life to work.

When I need to love the unlovable, I simply smile, picture Jesus alive in me, and say, “Thank You, Jesus, for living within and releasing Your love, mercy and compassion out through me. I receive Your life flow and release You to this person” (1 Cor. 6:17; Acts 2:25; Ps. 16:8).

So I’m not looking at myself, or a biblical law which commands me to love, or the weakness of my flesh to keep this law of love. Instead, I am looking at Christ, Who is joined to me. What is He doing? What is He saying? What are His emotions toward this person? Once received (which can be done in moments), I then say “Yes, Lord” to what He has revealed to me, and I do what Jesus is doing. I am NOW radiating Christ’s life into the situation.

So instead of trying to perfectly keep laws, I seek to release a Person Who lives within me. My one and only goal is to see Him present and communicate with Him, receiving His perspective, wisdom, creativity, solutions, anointing and power. These come as I tune to the flow of His indwelling river, the Holy Spirit. I live a supernatural life. I abide in Christ. This is the New Covenant. This is the Christian lifestyle.

The Reality of the New Covenant is Living by the Spirit

This course is offered through Communion with God Ministries.

Taking Time To Rest

by Chip Ingram  (reposted)

You might be overworked, overwhelmed, and overcommitted if:

  • You can’t remember the last time you took a nap without feeling guilty…
  • You’ve bumped into someone at church and wanted to get together, but didn’t have room in your schedule for the next six months…
  • Your family meals together consist of McDonald’s drive-through on the way to several activities during the week…
  • You live from one “to-do list” to the next with the illusion that someday, in some way, things will slow down and then you’ll take that time to build relationships and serve God. But that someday never comes.

I used to live this way 30 years ago. Until one day, my doctor looked me in the eye and said, “Chip, you’re either going to die a young man, or you’re going to learn how to live very differently. You live at a pace and at a level that will kill you if you don’t change.”

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A 2 Timothy 2:2 Strategy

An introduction to “Becoming a Disciple-Maker’s”
Life-to-Life process

Most of us are familiar with the term discipleship. “Becoming a Disciple-Maker’s” ministry focuses on a more descriptive term, disciple-making. What sets these two terms, discipleship and disciple-making apart? 

Discipleship typically describes traditional Christian education in general

Disciple-making describes effective Christian follow up by establishing a one-to-one discipling process at your church. A group of more mature believers are selected and trained to become equipped Disciple-Makers. When a new Christian or new member joins your church, they are offered a friendship with one of these trained Disciple-Makers. They meet one-to-one once per week, usually for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner for about 1 ½ hours and learn to develop spiritual growth skills. The goal is for each new Christian to establish a friendship – become a self-feeder from the Word of God – grow spiritually – and then share their faith with others resulting in spiritual multiplication!

Chuck out their web site and tool kit here:


Who are You?

As Pastors and ministry leaders, we tend to identify ourselves by our role and title. But even when these circumstances are good, this identity is changeable and insecure. Instead, we need to more fully discover and appropriate our new, spiritual, unshakeable identity in Christ. Rose Publishing produces a pamphlet: “Who I Am in Christ: 14 Keys to Understanding Your Identity in Christ.” Here is a sample in PDF: Rose Bible eCharts WhoIAm 14Keys

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