New DVD album: How to Exchange Your Life

How to Exchange Your Life for a New One by Dr. Phil Jones is an entry-level Bible study intended to reach and assimilate new church members. The booklet is available in the book store here. Grace Fellowship Int’l announces the publication of a new DVD album to accompany this booklet. These videos are about 15 minutes in length:
  • Sessions 1, 2: “Verify Your Salvation” – Dr. Phil Young
  • Sessions 3, 4: “New Life in Christ” – Dr. Dan Riley
  • Sessions 5, 6: “The Spirit-Filled Life & Victory” – Dr. Phil Jones
We pray that many small groups and churches will discover the strategic value of this outreach/initial discipleship kit. The DVD album is on sale for $39.95 at the online store or by calling 865-429-0450. Sample video sessions can be previewed at the How to Exchange Your Life for a New One resource page.

A Galatians 2:20 Testimony

What did my look like before the awareness of the Crucified Life?
  • I was indulgent and unrestrained.  Marked by these in some degree or another: anger, temper, gossip, discord, frustration, anxiety, worry, harshness, meanness, doubt, unbelief, rebellion, and disobedience.
  • My life existed without spiritual sweetness: no aroma; no magnetism; no authenticity; no glow; no victory; no rest; no fruit; no abiding; no surrender; no death to me.
  • For many of us on the outside all looks in order: our Christian dress, attendance, service, offerings, praise, prayers, devotions.
  • But all emanating from self-conforming and performing of the Christian culture.
  • We have replaced serving the world with serving God believing that in that service comes true spiritual growth, fruit and rewards.  
  • In other words, “The show had no glow.”
What does a life look like after the Crucified Life?
  • One full of agape love, joy, calm delight, peace of mind and spirit, enduring patience toward self and others, softness in manner , acting benevolently toward others without any thought of return, confidence and assurance in God, humility and genuine meekness, the ability to be spirit controlled in conversation and in the necessities and needs of life and in one’s relationship to God.
What has the crucified life done for me?
  • It has addressed one of the elusive questions on the Christian life, that being “How does one know that they are living a successful Christian life?”
  • It has addresses a very personal root problem in my past that being rejection.
  • It has placed the fruit of the Christian life in its proper biblical perspective.
  • It has freed me from the bondage of human gifting and has placed the results upon the Lord who fills, directs, empowers and engineers His work in and through me.
  • It has revealed a biblical nature of man that answers many related questions about our old life without Christ and the new life in Christ.
  • It has biblically provided both an objective and a subjective foundation to the nature of man.
  • It has provided a platform of transformation that transcends language, culture, generational placement and ethnic origin. 
  • It has reinforced the salvation side of the cross by reminding us of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It has also clarified the struggle of a self-identified life that can only be subdued by the reality of identification with Christ on the cross.
  • It has unveiled the crucified life of a believer as being grafted into the person and life of Christ and that the life of Jesus Christ can and should be appropriated and lived through a believer who is in Christ voluntarily, devotionally, practically and experientially. 

[Write Pastor Richard Scheer via the contact page. Explore these themes in the free Treasures of Truth course.]

Leap of Faith

For pastor Bob and Joan Galasso, ministry was about a fast-paced, non-stop, burn-yourself-out lifestyle. After years of intense schedules and people pleasing, Bob was hospitalized for clinical burn-out and Joan for depression. Yet God prevailed and established a new beginning for this needy couple. Having captured their hearts, God takes them on an ongoing adventure with him.

Read their autobiography with the liberating, spiritual lessons learned. This book has just been re-published as an ebook on Amazon Kindle here.

Experiencing Jesus

John VanGelderen of Revival Focus Ministries just published an excellent small volume titled,  Experiencing Jesus. “Would you like to go from being regularly defeated and surprised by occasional victory to being regularly victorious and surprised by a rare defeat? Discover the possibility of experiencing Jesus–the reality of the Christ life, the Spirit-filled life–in a new way. This truly is life again–revival on the personal level. Watch a profound 3 minute video introduction here:

Dangerous Calling

A pastor writes, about Examining Pastoral Culture. He quotes from the book, Dangerous Calling:

“There are way too many pastors out there who have lost their joy, who are cranking it out.  There are way too many bitter and angry people in ministry who are carrying around a self-protective list of previously experienced wrongs.  There are way too many pastors living in isolation who are in trouble, and they don’t know it.  There are way too many congregations and leadership boards that have a distorted, unrealistic, idealized image of their pastor.  There are way too many ministry families that are unprotected because they are not being properly pastored.  There are way too many pastors in survival mode.  There are way too many pastors’ wives who fantasize about what it would be like to be out of the ministry.  There are way too many children who bear the daily brunt of the ministry father’s bitterness and anger.  There simply is way too much functional anonymity in the pulpits of our churches.”
 -Dangerous Calling, by Paul Trip, Crossway Books, 2012, pgs. 90-91.
The pastor testifies, “Grace Fellowship and the exchanged life [see Hudson Taylor’s testimony] has the answer to the pastoral challenges that men in the ministry face.  I am so grateful to the materials that I started reading back in 2009.  It started with [Charles Solomon’s] The Ins and Out of Rejection and then to Handbook to Happiness and then to others … including the training conference.”
 – N.Y.

Overcoming Rejection

In a series on how to live in victory over your past, pastor/author/radio teacher, Chip Ingram gave a very relevant message on “Overcoming Rejection”.

“Rejection. No one is immune to it.  Everyone will experience it to some degree. And no matter who you are, your life is changed because of it.  The question is, will rejection take you down or will you leverage it for good in your life?  Chip explains that the choice is up to you, and shows you how to get started..”

Listen/download this message from Living on the Edge. (February 15, 2018)

For more on this important topic and how it relates to pastoral counseling, see The Rejection Syndrome and the way to Acceptance, by Charles Solomon at the GFI store here.